"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a simple pie chart or bar graph can be worth a whole spreadsheet full of numbers - Sue Hinkin.
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Fred's New Book - Genesis Reloaded: Questioning a Literal Interpretation of the Bible
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FredGalves.com is committed to the development and distribution of various resources and materials for law students, legal educators, attorneys and judges that address legal education, general law practice and the optimum usage of litigation technology in the 21st Century practice of law. Although computers may never replace lawyers, lawyers who use computers will undoubtedly replace those who do not.  




Multemedia and technology combine to enhance education and the courtroom experience.

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Articles by Fred

Articles, publications, and citations on technology and the law.


Civil Procedure, computer assisted litigation, banking law, USA Law orientation and more...

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General Litigation Technology, Academic Resources, State Courts, Federal Courts, etc...